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Feng Shui Tips for Choosing the Color of Your House for Good Omen

It is quite possible that you may not have a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing the color of your home. What people need to realize is that even a small color change can create a huge impact. Before you choose a new color for your home, you should get some help from Feng Shui. Those who don’t know, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of synchronizing everyone with their surrounding environment. Here we will discuss Feng Shui tips in two parts: exterior, and interior of the home.
Feng Shui House Exterior Color Tips

Nothing can be more satisfying than living in a home that blends well with the surroundings of the home. By surroundings, we mean natural and artificial. You have to look for colors that blend well with the elements around the home. The best practice is to observe the color of the nearby houses and nature. However, you should also know that the color you choose for your home should make your home stand out from the rest of the homes. For that purpose, you can change the color of your main door and the window trims. Each color has different properties. For example, black is the color of money but it does not mean that it would make you wealthy within days. A house facing north painted with black on the trims is a good example of house blended well with the environment. This means that color and direction are harmonious.

Feng Shui Interior Color Tips

Inner and exterior Feng Shui colors should be different from one another because the environment becomes different. For the inner part of your home, you should choose colors that promote a sense of peace and calmness in the home. Having said that, there are a few colors with these qualities including brown, green, white, and red.

Feng Shui Guide for Choosing House Color According to Direction

Feng Shui has given rules regarding choosing the home color according to the direction of the home. Each color is ideal for a different direction and has diverse properties.

1. White

White color promotes peace in the home and it is also known as the color of creativity. Families with children should choose this color if their house is facing west, northwest, and north.

2. Green & Purple

Homes facing east and south should choose these colors. The unique properties of these colors promote growth, good health, and wealth. Green color also enhances your connection to nature.

3. Shades of Yellow

Yellow is known as the color of wisdom and study. This color is also good for the stability of relationships. It is ideal for homes facing northeast, west, and southwest direction.

4. Red & Pink

Red is the color of happiness and festivity. This color is good for south, northeast, and southwest facing homes. It looks well in living rooms with a fireplace.

5. Blue

Blue is one of the most important colors of Feng Shui. There are endless shades of blue color that you can choose for your home to bring good omen. The shades of blue are good for homes facing east, southeast, and north.

These are some colors along with their properties with respect to the direction. These colors can make your home look great by harmonizing with the surroundings.

When I stage homes I use all the Feng Shui color rules to help to the flow of the interior design and to trigger the belonging feeling with the potential homeowners.

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