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home staging in a down market


The housing market is in a state of flux. The low-interest rates that have been driving the economy since the recession are finally starting to rise, and many homeowners are struggling to sell their houses. While it's common for home sellers to feel like they're not getting what they want out of a sale, it doesn't mean you can't stage your property in order to give potential buyers more information about what they're getting into. Here are some ways we've found staging homes makes them more attractive:

What are the advantages to staging?

Staging is an investment in the future of your home. There are many advantages to having a home staged, including:

  • More attention given to the house by potential buyers

  • Better negotiating position with the buyer when they make their offer

  • A higher selling price for your property than it would command without staging (and thus more money in your pocket after selling)

  • Better marketing of your property on a local level, which means more buyers coming through and interested in seeing what's available

How does furniture arrangement affect selling price?

Furniture arrangement is a vital part of staging your home. The room's furniture and accessories help create an impression of space, which in turn affects how much buyers will be willing to pay for it.

The size of the room is one factor that buyers consider when determining property value (which you should also). Furniture placement can make a small room appear bigger than it actually is, or vice versa—and this affects whether or not potential buyers are willing to pay more for a smaller space than they would otherwise have been inclined toward doing so based on its size alone.

Another factor that affects perceived value is perceived quality; if everything looks old and worn out in your listing photos, potential buyers might assume that it's because there isn't any new furniture yet! In reality it could just mean that you don't care all that much about appearances but rather care most about function over form...but either way: try not to let the lack updated appearance of some items reflect poorly upon how much value others place upon those same items themselves!

Does it help to stage the outside of my property as well as the inside?

Yes, it can! Your home and property are the first things prospective buyers see, so it's important to make a good impression.

Your exterior doesn't need to be perfect; just presentable. Make sure your yard is tidy and free of debris, with no overgrown weeds or bushes that could cause an obstacle for someone walking up the path to your door. The front door should be clean and freshly painted if necessary; the trim around the windows should also look neat and tidy—a siding repair job is another good reason to hire a staging professional! If you've had improvements done on your home recently (like a new roof or fresh paint) make sure these are obvious as well; after all these are all signs of pride in ownership that potential buyers want to see when looking at their next investment property!

Home Staging in a down market can be done.

You can sell your home in a down market.

Yes, you read that right! Home staging in a down market can be done. In fact, it can help you sell your home faster and for more money than if you did not stage it at all.


If you have a home to sell, it's important to consider staging even more inn a down market, It can help you create a more appealing property and increase your chances of selling quickly at the best price possible. We know this can be intimidating for some people, but there are lots of resources available online that make it easy! Remember that even if you don’t think your place needs staging work done today, keeping an eye out for any potential changes in the future will pay off big time when those changes come around unexpectedly (or planned).

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